Buenos Aires Cuyo Litoral Noroeste Patagonia
Just listen to the roars of the Iguazu Falls in the exuberant jungle of Misiones; open a bottle of an excellent variety of Cuyo wine and prepare your sight, smell and taste for the tasting of a glorious elixir: slide along any ski run of the Catedral Hill of watch -sceptically- the ice mass of the Perito Moreno Glacier; trave the cave paiting marks of pre-Columbians civilizations in the Valley of the Moon or the signs of wind in the majestric Tapamalaya or, algo, feel the music of tango concertina in your blood, and then enjoy the authentic "Asado Criollo" (barbecue) in a typical steak restaurant of Buenos Aires. Enjoy and feel Argentina, a kaleidoscope of emotions.