Expenses Reports

It is a regular assessment of travel expenses.
The main objective of this expense report is to gain efficiency and reduce travel costs.
We pursue the following goals, among others:

Airlines Costs Savings

We offer a strict resource administration and a constant evaluation of the industry's trends and opportunities.
Flight rate discounts: Through its economy of scale, Tours & Travel / ITP negotiates the most beneficial rates which result in savings for our clients.
Special Agreements: Travel costs may be reduced according to special agreements which take into account purchase volume and are offered by all airline companies.

Bargain Finder Max

This software allows us to find the lowest rate for every itinerary option according to the specific data provided by our customers. This IT tool searches for up to 19 available bargain rate options.
Our highly qualified rate experts will analyse your travel behaviour to identify the itineraries that can create the greatest savings.

Unused Ticket Tracking

This software allows us to identify totally or partially unused e-tickets.
It is a comprehensive and fully automated management system which enables us to create savings by detecting possible refundable tickets of up to 11 months old.
All data is monthly reported and the possibly refundable tickets are credited against the original method of payment.

Quick Exchange

An automated solution to manage re-issuance of tickets and to process refunds in a fast, simple and efficient way.

Preferred Hotel Programme

Our Preferred Hotel Programme offers a broad selection of more than 160,000 properties in 160 countries in 6 continents and always with the Best Available Rate (BAR).
This programme helps to improve and control accommodation costs through a centralized booking system while enhancing the travellers' experience and facilitating travel policy compliance.
This programme can be fully used as part of your purchase strategy or as a supplement to your existing private rate programme.

Preferred Car Programme

Our Preferred Car Programme provides access to our negotiated rates and exclusive benefits with our associated suppliers: Alamo, Avis and Hertz.
Extra Savings: Our "More Value" programme will give you access to cheaper rates.
Extra Services: Our customers receive special benefits with courtesy upgrades and access to preferential programmes offered by the above mentioned companies at no additional fees.

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