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Achieving the best return on investment is not only about getting the cheapest flight, car rental and hotel rates but also about receiving a reliable service.
Our travel experts will offer your company and all its travelers, service excellence, experience and quality. Before, during and after their trip

Travel Policy

Our Business Intelligence Department provides companies with experience and advice that helps them create or redesign their travel policies.
This document establishes the guidelines for the planning of business trips so that the company and its employees work within a set framework, which helps maximize the company's capacity to gain efficiency and reduce costs.

The online booking tool dedicated for small, medium & large companies

Business trips, in some industries, are sometimes the second most important cost, so it is a must that they should be controlled.
Consequently, to reduce these costs efficiently is a priority for the organizations. For this aim, our online tool makes it possible to change the purchase culture because it allows to customize the company travel policy, calculating the negotiated rates through corporate agreements with the main suppliers (airlines, car rental companies, hotel chains and assistance services). This cutting-edge tool will allow the company employees to plan their business trips from top to bottom in real time, generating important savings.

- Company benefits


Savings & Productivity



Emergency Travel Line

For domestic and international emergencies and unexpected events you will count on our 24-hour service to assist you.

IT Systems

We offer the most advanced global systems to confirm travel services and determine the best rates.

- Freestyle Travel

A travel window on the Internet. This state-of-the-art product allows you to visualize and make online bookings for air tickets, cars and hotels at any destination. Bookings will be checked by our travel experts before they are issued.

- Reservation Assistant

This software automates repetitive chores with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of a more demanding and picky traveller.

- Travel Care & Alerts

This tool allows to easily and quickly find the employees of the company on business trip to assist them in case of emergency or unexpected events

- Quality Control Tool

This software allows us to check that the company profile information and the travellers' profile information match the information detailed in the booking. In addition, it verifies the travel documents requested for the destination to be visited.

- Company Profile

It contains all the information referred to the travel policy (corporate agreements with airlines, hotels and car rental companies among others)

- Customer Profile

It is natural that clients like to be recognized. Hence, we keep systematized information that allows us to identify clients´ preferences, differentiate clients according to their needs and customize products, services & messages